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On average eleven,640 fatalities annually try reported in the mainland France across the period 2007–2014, comparable to 18

On average eleven,640 fatalities annually try reported in the mainland France across the period 2007–2014, comparable to 18

Total, the three regions has standard incidence and you will mortality costs which might be less than the new federal average in sexes, with obvious significantly less than-occurrence and you can lower than-death (more than 10% lower than during the mainland France (Dining table step 1)), with the exception of death in females into the Martinique (8% lower).


Across the months 2007 in order to 2016, on average 53,172 female have been diagnosed with cancer of the breast during the mainland France each year (Table 1), bookkeeping to own 33% out-of incident disease times in females. 4% of cancer-related deaths in women.

Cancer of the breast is the next most commonly known cancers input new French to another country territories, plus the typical input girls. With 215 the fresh instances within the Guadeloupe, 205 into the Martinique and you can 56 inside the French Guiana on a yearly basis, breast cancer means respectively 37, 33 and you can twenty-six% regarding incident cancer circumstances in women on these step 3 regions. About French overseas areas, world-standard incidence costs try 65.8 for every single a hundred,000 people-years into the Guadeloupe, 60.6 for the Martinique and you will 52.9 within the French Guiana. Incidence is actually 35 so you can 46% less than into the mainland France, placing the French to another country territories among the regions into lowest chance rates during the France. Cancer of the breast ‘s the best cause for cancer tumors-related demise in women in the French overseas territories. Death is lower in every step three nations as compared to mainland France, but the standardized death rates was lower than the individuals to possess incidence, different of twenty-two to 27%. Standardized mortality try 13.step 1 for every single 100,100 individual-ages when you look at the Guadeloupe, twelve.8 into the Martinique and you will ten.8 within the French Guiana, that is below from inside the mainland France (fifteen.5).


Of 2007 to 2016, an average of 3159 lady was basically diagnosed with cervical cancer tumors for each and every seasons inside mainland France (Table step one), symbolizing dos% out of incident disease cases in women.

Regarding the regions of Guadeloupe, Martinique and you may French Guiana, cervical cancer was detected inside normally 79 ladies for every seasons (Table 1), we.elizabeth. 5.6% of all the experience malignant tumors in females. The fresh incidence speed is higher than for the mainland France for all places which have a really higher rate present in French Guiana compared one another so Sports adult dating sites you’re able to mainland France and regions of Guadeloupe and you will Martinique.

Corpus uteri (endometrial disease)

Along the months 2007–2016, typically 6951 females are recognized every year when you look at the mainland France (Table step one), we.elizabeth. cuatro.4% from experience cancer tumors instances in women.

Regarding regions of Guadeloupe, Martinique and you can French Guiana, endometrial cancers is actually identified into the an average of 81 people per 12 months, equal to 5.7% away from incident cancer times in females. A higher number of cases is submitted within the Guadeloupe, as compared to Martinique, producing a frequency rate off endometrial cancer that’s comparable from inside the Guadeloupe in order to mainland France, while incidence pricing was lower in Martinique and French Guiana than simply inside mainland France.

Ovarian malignant tumors

Ovarian disease are identified during the on average 4782 feamales in mainland France yearly towards period 2007–2016, accounting to possess step three% out of experience malignant tumors times (Desk step one).

In the aspects of Guadeloupe, Martinique and you may French Guiana, ovarian disease was recognized from inside the normally 40 females for each seasons (Dining table 1), corresponding to dos.8% regarding event malignant tumors instances in women.

Guadeloupe and you can Martinique tell you similar cost, and you may one another has actually straight down incidence cost than simply mainland France. On the other hand, French Guiana provides a higher, albeit low-extreme frequency price versus mainland France. Altogether, thirty-two fatalities were submitted, we.elizabeth. 4.9% regarding disease-related fatalities in females. For everyone step 3 regions, zero factor within the mortality is actually observed versus mainland France.


The chance of the many disease shared happens to be lower in new divisions of your own French overseas areas than in mainland France, it is after the a terrible trend, more than likely because of the ageing of your populace while the enhanced prevalence of exposure things pertaining to existence (sedentary lifestyle, overweight and obesity , smoking tobacco ). Preventive methods targeting these convertible chance items will be the answer to fighting facing a number of disease.

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