Ye on properly handsome returned throwing am no whatever
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Posted 13 November 2018

Ye on properly handsome returned throwing am no whatever

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Posted 11 May 2020

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10 digital marketing ideas during covid-19
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Posted 15 April 2020

10 digital marketing ideas during covid-19

The economic situation is being worse, the sales are dropping, employees are not working properly, shipments are closed, payments are stuck, nothing is working now! 

“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity”  Albert Einstein

As the great Einstein said every crisis brings an opportunity and the opportunity in this Covid-19 is that the usage of internet has increased around 70% and this is the first time this amount of people is on digital now. 

Is this the right time to convert traditional businesses into e-business? 

Surely, as the internet usage is increased a huge audience is now on all digital mediums which includes your potential leads as well so how we should use digital media to attract our customers? 

Sometimes we reap and sometimes we sow, it is the time to sow!

Let’s dive into some key digital techniques which can be adopted during Covid-19:

1. Use broadcasting messages and emails of care for your customers

Getting in touch with your customers is the most essential part in this crisis; business should showcase that they are with them in these hard times. Some messages of concern and care can do your job. As the customers show loyalty all year it is the time for brands to show their sincerity towards them.

A short and simple message can work:

Hey Sahil,

Hope you and your family are safe in these hard times. Just try to stay positive in the present circumstances. We hope and pray that it will get better shortly.
Keep smiling and stay healthy!

Your favorite brand [company name]

2. Utilize this phase to make website appealing

The digital shop of your brand is your website as you maintain your outlet to keep attracting customers, same goes with your website.

The two main key factors of modern websites are:

  • Mobile friendliness: Study shows around 52.2% of all website traffic comes from mobile phones and neither or less this same goes for your website, neglecting mobile friendliness is as similar to leaving your 50% of sales or even more.

  • Website loading speed: “47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less” This makes loading speed a super important factor to bring traffic and sales to your website.

Utilize this phase and improve these factors for your website.

3. It’s the time to invest into SEO

Search engine optimization is surely a time consuming effort and this is the right time to start investing time and money in this domain. The role of organic SEO will never die, people will keep on searching and Google has to provide quality content to them. 

Also highly focus on the local SEO, As we all are kept to our certain areas we will most likely to search services and supplies around us. So we have to optimize our website for “near me” searches. We have to target people around our geographical region. 

Google My Business account is also very crucial if you haven’t registered your business over it you’re surely missing out some key potential leads. 

4. Start nurturing your audience through funnel marketing 

Funnel marketing is the tool of modern sales methodology, in which we break down a customer’s journey from awareness stage to purchase stage. 

Start attracting customers through a funnel magnet (something valuable you can give them for free). Run your lead gen advertisement for that and take customers contact details once you had the details starting nurturing them about your product. 

The biggest advantage of funnel marketing is that it helps you identify that at which stage you are losing your customer, also it is the best way to communicate with customers. 

5. Put content on every digital platform 

Start utilizing every digital media platform such as all social networking platforms, blogs, posting on various platforms like quora, yahoo answer, ASKfm and many more. 

In this fast moving digital world the presence on every digital media platform is essential. Just Facebook has 2.5 billion users on their platform which is around 33% of the total world’s population, Moreover Google performs 5.6 billion searches per day. 

As these platforms have a huge amount of audience and we can’t miss the opportunity of attracting them, so put your time in it and plan out some content strategy for each medium. 

6. Don’t stop your ads just tweak them 

As many of the businesses have stopped their ads, In the opportunity phase we have to invest in digital advertisement to attract the customer. 

Stopping your ads won’t work. You can have a twist in them which means you can change the motive of ads; the previously running conversion ads can be changed into traffic. Also try advertisements on new audiences to attract more people.

Creative of the ads should be changed, we have to showcase our product but with a message that we understand their situation waiting for them to shop with us

7. Design your social media platforms aesthetically

As the businesses have enough time to build their brand, one essential thing is designing your social media platform following the theme of brand. 

Start uploading instagram grids or use a similar pattern to upload the content, use different patterns on different social media mediums as every single platform is designed for a certain type of audience. 

Social media is the best place to find engagements which is the goal in this opportunity phase to interact with the audience. Be there where your audience is.  

8. Start doing Google Search Ads

With all the audience on the internet and people searching for various services, destinations and information it is the time to start investing in search ads as it brings the most intended audience searching for services and information according to your niche.  

“On average, cost-per-clicks have decreased by 6 percent across all verticals since last week” according to Thrive senior PPC manager Jacob Wulff.

Running a Pay-Per-Click campaign can give you a solid competitive advantage and an option to grab the market share as everyone is taking steps back. 

9. Don’t follow similar panic pattern 

With all the negative stats going around we only talk about the positive side and recommend you to take those steps as well. Just focus only on the opportunity!

The biggest target that a business can achieve in this crisis is acquiring market share which won’t be possible previously. You can easily grab the audience of your competitor who is not engaging with them and can attract towards your product.  

By constant online presence and by producing great content you can easily target the audience you were chasing for. Start focusing on the market share once it gets sorted you will be unbeatable.  

10. Focus on audience growth rather than sales growth 

The goal we all need to focus on this opportunity phase is to gain new audience and market share that will give us huge profit in the long run. 

As the usage of internet is increased by 70% there is a massive advantage to aware people about your product or service. People also now have the time to learn new products and we can take a fair advantage of it easily. 

The brand which will understand the audience growth in this phase will surely be the market leaders when it ends. 


Let’s have a quick recap 

We should take this crisis as an opportunity and that is the internet usage has increased by 70%. To take a advantage of this we can adopt some digital techniques: 

  1. Use a care gesture towards your customers through broadcasting and emails.
  2. Focus on developing an appealing website. 
  3. Invest time to rank our website higher through a proper SEO strategy. 
  4. Funnel marketing is essential to nurture new audiences.
  5. Start producing valuable content on every digital media platform.
  6. Stopping the ads won’t work; we should twist them.  
  7. Designing an aesthetic social media platform can be adopted these days. 
  8. We can start doing Pay-Per-Click advertising as they are cost effective nowadays. 
  9. We can change our working mindset to beat our competitors. 
  10. The goal should be to grow the audience rather than sales growth.